Hooray and Huzzah!

Tales of the Ravensdaughter is finally complete and all 6 novellas are NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON!

Can you believe it? I originated this series this April at Week 3 of the So. Cal Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire. I spent the first week creating the premise, the next four weeks outlining the series (I was creating plot twists with each mile to and from), and then the months of June – October writing the six individual stories.

That’s 120,000 words in 6 months!

How I did that, I have absolutely no idea – but I did it, and the reviews are good.

So here’s what I offer as I head into a full year of 2023 faires and cons:

  • A series with a hint of Basque mythology
  • The best gender-fluid character found in fantasy literature
  • A death as powerful as the death of Spock

Yes, I know the last is a high bar, but my advanced readers have told me I delivered.

So I invite you to judge for yourself. Please try Tales of the Ravensdaughter and enjoy a great full fantasy novel broken into 6 individual short novella that are 1-2 hour reads.

And then join me for a Realme Brew! You know where I’ll be when you read the opening scene of Story #5 – Mistress of Her Own Game.