Erin Hunt Rado
Self (305 pp.)
$29.95 hardcover, $21.95 paperback, $8.95 e-book
ISBN: 9798861413848 (hardcover)
ISBN: 9781088066423 (paperback)

In this epic fantasy, a woman becomes a powerful warrior in both the spirit and mortal worlds.

Tavern-keeper Alerice Linden seeks revenge against the man who assaulted her—the mayor of the city of Navre. Following her lethal retribution, she flees, only to die at the hands of her pursuers. She awakens in “the Realme” and almost immediately stands in front of the spirit world’s rulers, the King of Shadows and the Raven Queen.

Each one seeks her allegiance. She chooses the Raven Queen, who gives Alerice her dagger and the chance to “right wrongs done to others.” (“You may stand up for those who have no voice, those who truly need you, and in so doing you may discover your own path to self-forgiveness.”)

Alerice, who travels between the Realme and Mortalia (the living world), completes various queen-assigned tasks, ranging from tracking down a mortal stealing souls from the Realme to helping repair potentially infecting breaches in the spirit world’s ether. Along the way, she garners welcome support from Realme herald Oddwyn as well as former army captain Kreston Dühalde, who’s courageous but saddled with a troubled past and an even thornier present.

Rado’s book collects six seamlessly connected novellas. After the first novella introduces Alerice and Kreston, each of the ensuing stories gets a bigger, richer cast and a more deliriously complicated plot. Kreston, for example, has a deeper tie to Alerice than she’s initially aware of, and every adventure they share strengthens their burgeoning relationship. The cast includes mythical creatures that genre fans crave, including kelpies, demon toads, and a “two-headed beast.” But recurring characters are wonderfully exceptional, including Oddwyn, who breezily oscillates between genders and pronouns, and the Realme’s rulers, whose bizarre union only adds to the volume’s curious pile of mysteries.

The author keeps the riveting narrative moving by persistently coupling action scenes with shocking revelations. Most of the disclosures happen in the last two novellas, which end this collection in such startling fashion that readers will demand more tales.

Radiant, laudable characters and a gripping storyline fuel this magical collection of novellas.

Tales of the Ravensdaughter by Erin Hunt Rado




How many times have you wanted to enjoy an awesome Epic Fantasy Adventure, but all the books are 2 inches thick?

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These novellas are a 1-2 hour read. Packed with action, they’re just what you’re looking for. Together, all 6 stories form a powerfully dramatic arc.

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Tales of the Ravensdaughter is the story of Alerice Linden, a wronged woman left for dead who becomes the champion of The Raven Queen, Mistress of the Evherealme. Advising and assisting her is Oddwyn, the Realme’s gender-fluid Herald. At her side is Kreston Dühalde, a former military captain with a tattered past. Opposing her is the King of Shadows, Master of the Evherealme, who sets Alerice and Kreston on a dramatically powerful collision course.

Enjoy all 6 novellas in Collection One! Each is a complete story, and together they build into a riveting arc. The stories are all short, about a 1-2 hour read, and perfect for busy people who love an awesome adventure!

Books in Tales of the Ravensdaughter Collection One include:

  1. The Beast of Basque
  2. The Thief of Souls
  3. The Wizard and the Wyld
  4. Rips in the Ether
  5. Mistress of Her Own Game
  6. The Raven’s Daughter


Adventure One of Tales of the Ravensdaughter

When the Serpent Father Fire
Loves the Mother Water Wind,
When L’Orku’s breath of thunder
‘Cross the mighty sky ascends;

When wings of ravens black
Stir shadows in the mist,
The Realme may kiss Mortalia
And a new child will be blessed.

When Alerice Linden dies at the beginning of a tale, you know you’re in for something new. The Beast of Basque tracks Alerice’s descent into the Evherealme, where she becomes the champion of the Raven Queen. Assisting her is Oddwyn, the gender-fluid, impish Herald. On her quest, Alerice meets Kreston Dühalde, a former military captain. And what task does the Raven Queen assign? Slay a two-faced beast that preys on the souls of children. Only tasks aren’t always as straightforward as they seem. Nor are the reasons for them nor the comrade Alerice meets along the way. Enjoy The Beast of Basque, Adventure One of Tales of The Ravensdaughter.


Adventure Two of Tales of the Ravensdaughter

The children who walk shadows
Will know the Evherealme.
It floats within their dreams
A place they may call home.

Their souls will grow and prosper
As through the Realme they stride.
They will find nourishment,
A source of lasting pride.

Having successfully slain the ‘beast’ of Basque, Alerice Linden, the Realme’s new Walker, is tasked with discovering the identity of a thief who has been stealing souls from the Evherealme. Is it Lolladoe and her clan of forest fauns? Is it Vygar, the silvery mystic known to many as the Wolf Prince? And is Kreston Dühalde, the man Alerice is coming to trust, a true friend, or might he be an unwilling spy for the King of Shadows? Erin Hunt Rado continues to breathe new life into High Fantasy with another action-packed tale, The Thief of Souls, Adventure Two of Tales of The Ravensdaughter.


Adventure Three of Tales of the Ravensdaughter

Those kissed upon their birth
Will know Mortalia’s ways.
Their hearts will always guide them
Through self-doubt and its haze.

For Walkers are true beings
Who rightly know their minds.
Inspired by the gods
Their worth is well-defined.

Gaining talent as a Realme Walker, Alerice Linden – the Ravensdaughter – discovers that a wizard and a clan of mercenary barbarians are being set against one another. Why? It’s anyone’s guess, but Alerice is determined to find out. However, this is not the path that the Raven Queen wishes Alerice to pursue, and seeing stubbornness, the queen strips Alerice of her status. Undeterred, Alerice continues to investigate and discovers that the culprit is none other than a rogue goddess. Is this enough to restore Alerice to the Raven Queen? Find out in The Wizard and the Wyld, Adventure Three of Tales of The Ravensdaughter.


Adventure Four of Tales of the Ravensdaughter

The Realme will ne’re forsake them
These Walkers who defend
The king and queen below
For whom they make their stand.

Trusted by their masters
A Walker will not fail.
Honored by their masters
They welcome duty’s call.

A rogue goddess was the least of the problems facing the Evherealme. Rips have formed that threaten to destabilize the world below. Alerice Linden, the restored Ravensdaughter, must seek aid from the sorceress Allya, servant of Sukaar, Father God of Fire. They must heal the Realme before it ruptures. As always, Kreston Dühalde fights at Alerice’s side, but the King of Shadows has tasked him with betraying the Raven Queen, and the only way to do that is to betray Alerice. Does she forgive him? The answer is waiting in Rips in the Ether, Adventure Four of Tales of The Ravensdaughter.


Adventure Five of Tales of the Ravensdaughter

A rare thing is a Walker,
So, gods below: Take care!
Groom them and protect them.
Do not let them despair.

For when a Walker rises,
Realme glory in their eyes,
Mortalia will breathe softly
As Walkers touch the skies.

With Alerice growing ever stronger, the King of Shadows is determined to undermine her. The best path to accomplish this is to attack sanctuaries belonging to the Raven Queen. Alerice successfully defends them all, with Kreston Dühalde still fighting at her side. The King of Shadows seems on the verge of releasing him, which means that he and Alerice will be free to live their own lives. But when the Raven Queen orders Alerice to attack one of the king’s sanctuaries and kill the guardian monks, Alerice cannot accept. And when the Raven Queen restores Kreston’s locked mind, he knows he can never be with her. It’s all in Mistress of Her Own Game, Adventure Five of Tales of The Ravensdaughter.


Adventure Six of Tales of the Ravensdaughter

The children who knew shadows
Have risen now to fame.
They know their place and power.
They know their true acclaim.

Regard them now, these Walkers,
Gods above and gods below.
The Realme has kissed Mortalia
Forever now, and long ago.

Two armies are about to collide. Alerice’s task is to bring the souls of the fallen to the Raven Queen for measuring. Kreston’s task is to slaughter as many men as possible so their souls can fly directly to the King of Shadows. The rivalry between the queen and king has finally reached the breaking point, which means that Alerice and Kreston are bound to face one another in combat. Yet Alerice still believes that she can free Kreston from the king’s enslavement. She still believes that she can bring balance to the Evherealme. Discover if she does in The Raven’s Daughter, Adventure Six of Tales of The Ravensdaughter.


6 Fantasy Novellas… 1 Epic Adventure!

When Alerice Linden dies at the beginning of her story… but don’t worry. She gets better.
For Alerice, death is just the beginning. After being stabbed, she wakes in the Evherealme, only to learn that she is a Realme Walker, a mortal who can traverse the world below and the world above.
After pledging herself to the Raven Queen, Alerice embarks on a series of adventures. Assisting her is Oddwyn, the Realme’s wonderfully witty gender-fluid herald, and Kreston Dühalde, a former brigade captain with a tragic past.
In her journey of discovery Alerice exposes a two-faced beast in the town of Basque, stops a thief from stealing souls, forces a wizard and Wyld mercenaries to come to terms, prevents rips in the ether from destabilizing the Realme, challenges the King of Shadows to play the game her way, and realizes her true potential as the Raven Queen’s official daughter.

The Ultimate Fantasy Novella Collection!

Savor each adventure one-by-one or binge read the full collection. It’s your choice!