My good friends, Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox of Scifi.Radio were kind enough to host me for a SECOND podcast live from LosCon 48 in Los Angeles, California. We did a FOLLOWUP CHAT on my new epic fantasy novella series, Tales of the Ravensdaughter.

I’d like to offer a personal thank you to both Gene and Susan, but for different reasons.

Susan asked me very poignant questions regarding my gender-fluid character, Oddwyn. In particular, she asked my why I don’t use the they/them pronouns when referencing this character. I answered, because Oddwyn is ‘all in’ on his or her gender when presenting himself or herself. Susan was fine with that, but there came a moment when I recited a bit of dialogue from the book. My main character, Alerice Linden, asked why Oddwyn keeps changing genders. Alerice says it’s confusing, to which Oddwyn replies, “To you. It’s not confusing to me at all. It’s confusing to you because when you look at me, you expect to see something. Perhaps you should stop expecting to see anything at all and simply see me for who I am.” Susan politely applauded.

I want to thank Gene for recording the interview in the first place. He did not think there would be any new ground to cover on Tales of the Ravensdaughter because he had already hosted me for a podcast. I happily surprised him because Tales of the Ravensdaughter is a rich tapestry of epic fantasy adventure worthy of exploring several times. We chatted about things that didn’t come up in the first interview, and he admitted that he was pleasantly surprised that there was indeed more to cover.

Also, this podcast was #250 for Scifi.Radio, so I have now laid down a marker in their annuls.

Thank you Gene and Susan, and I ask all my fans to support Scifi-Radio on Patreon. “Scifi for your wifi.”