Tales of the Ravensdaughter now has an Official Armorer!

Every Fantasy Novel needs a great armorer. And the perfect one for Tales of the Ravensdaughter is Mythica Metalworks!

I have been selling my Celtic Art at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire for over a decade, and for the last several years my booth neighbor has been Molly Whitaker from Mythica Metalworks.

Molly is a fantasy armorer. She specializes in crafting unique chain mail jewelry that is both intricate and beautiful. Molly knows many different chain mail patterns, and she works with many types of chains to form items that have a signature style.

In Tales of the Ravensdaughter, the main character – Alerice Linden – becomes the champion of the Raven Queen, Mistress of the Evherealme. The queen gifts Alerice with a tunic of black scale mail that covers her torso from her neck down to the top of her hips. The tunic buckles along the sides, and is so light that it feels like a second skin. To Alerice, it’s a natural fit, and she rarely removes her scales in the series of six novella.

I’ve asked Molly to come up with a few character sketches to show what this black scale mail tunic might look like, and I eagerly await her ideas. In the mean time, for those of you who wish to cosplay Alerice ahead of the books becoming the hit I hope they will be, take a look at Molly’s work and  feel free to reach out to her for your own set of scales.

Oh, and the gender-fluid herald of the Evherealme – Oddwyn – also wears scale mail into battle, both as a youth and as a maiden. Oddwyn never shrinks from a fit, and wears his/her scales with pride. While Oddwyn’s scale are more iridescent silver, they can also be straight silver, which is much easier to come by. True, the metal isn’t actually silver (it’s anodized aluminum) it looks silvery. Now, if you truly want a set of iridescent scales, Molly can craft one – but it will be a tad pricey because she will have to paint each scale one-by-one to get the right look!

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