Erin Hunt Rado Fantasy Author at Loscon 48This past weekend (post Thanksgiving) I attended LosCon at the LAX Marriott. This is a really OG event hosted by LASFS (the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society). The event was small, but full of old fashioned Science Fiction and Fantasy.

R2D2 and other Star Wars droids at Loscon 48The neatest thing was the Droid exhibition, and yoou’d better bet that R2D2 was roaming the halls – not far from its remote control overlord.

I spoke on 4 panels including Holding a Modern Lens to our Myths and Dark Fantasy. Loscon even gave me a panel on my Fantasy Novella series, Tales of the Ravensdaughter.

Scifi Radio - Scifi for your WiFiSadly, only 2 people wandered in, but we “made lemonade” when Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox from Scifi.Radio recorded an interview for their podcast, The Event Horizon.

All in all, it was a nice little show.