I had an absolute BLAST at the recent Los Angeles Comic Con held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on December 2nd – 4th.

What was really great about this show is that they are one of several major comic cons that have a Small Press Pavilion. They don’t place us indie authors in Artist Alley (not that there’s anything with Artist Alley), and it was really fantastic to be nestled in with other up and coming authors.

And they gave me a great location – a corner spot at a major crossroads, so I got customers walking up and down AND side to side.

But what was honestly humbling for me was that the convention approved my application at – what I consider to be – the very last minute. The show is in December, but I had only heard about it in late September. Shows this size (about 100k attendees) are booked months in advance, but I applied anyway thinking, “What the heck?” Lo and behold, they accepted me! They said they were quite picky about who they allowed to exhibit in the Small Press area, which was even more of a compliment.

Knowing I would need some help, I put out a Facebook call to see if there were any folks who might sit with me and help with sales. I got two!

The first was a talented young man named Adam Quinn, who lives in the same area I do, the San Bernardino Mountains. Adam is a very talented artist, but more than that, he’s a dead ringer for Cary Elwes as Wesley from The Princess Bride! Adam worked with me on Friday evening, and brought some of his art bookmarks as giveaways.

The second amazing lady was Kathleen Abraham, who fell in love with Tales of the Ravensdaughter. All the time she worked with me on Saturday and Sunday, she introduced herself at “No. 1 Fan Girl!”. She was just a hoot, and she made the days move very quickly. Kathleen is also an energy worker and a Reiki Worker, and she really helped me with the persistent cough I had after a recent bought of flu. If you’ve never tried Reiki, I strongly suggest it!

BTW, check out Kathleen’s wire-wrapped crystal jewelry on her Instagram page. It’s just lovely!

And, of course this is Comic Con, so we met a huge cast of characters, many of whom were eager to try my new Epic Fantasy series, Tales of the Ravensdaughter. Here’s a gallery of fun pics!

I hope to attend the Los Angeles Comic Con again in 2023. I also hope either Adam or Kathleen – or both! – will be able to join me. It was such a great time!