Let’s Meet Erin Hunt Rado – Fantasy Action Author

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Rado (author of Gray Warrior) collects six brisk, surprising epic fantasy novellas centered on compelling hero, Alerice, who, after an act of righteous vengeance leads to her murder, becomes a “Realme Walker” endowed with the weapons of the Raven Queen, a not-of-our-world power who shares her court with her husband, the scheming King of Shadows. Re…
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KIRKUS REVIEW – Tales of the Ravensdaughter

TALES OF THE RAVENSDAUGHTER – Collection One Erin Hunt Rado Self (305 pp.) $27.95 hardcover, $21.95 paperback, $8.95 e-book ISBN: 9798861413848 In this epic fantasy, a woman becomes a powerful warrior in both the spirit and mortal worlds. Tavern-keeper Alerice Linden seeks revenge against the man who assaulted her—the mayor of the city of Navre. F…
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Every Fantasy Novel needs a great armorer. And the perfect one for Tales of the Ravensdaughter is Mythica Metalworks!…
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