Two fate-locked men – Traevis Airlight, Swordson of the Rhuelands, and Rowland Mont-Lestarre, the self-destructive heir – must take on the mantle of the land’s magic, though both are tormented by loss, the appetites of a demonic blade, and an ancestral foe who refuses to remain dead.

“A complete, working world with strong living characters and plenty of action… and a twisted plot hatched by Hitchcock on Phil Dick’s drugs. Prepare to be as happily surprised as I was. This is one of the most character-driven Fantasy novels I have ever read.”

– Pat LoBrutto, Senior Editor – Doubleday Books

Gray Warrior is the story of a world out of balance. Erin Hunt Rado began this book in high school, and while it has significantly matured over the decades, the basic premise of two men who must learn to rely upon one another has never changed.

Traevis Airlight is the Swordson of the Rhuelands. His father is the First Sword, a man who hold sole martial authority over a land of disparate peoples and cultures. But it is Traevis who keeps the people in his pocket, even though he was born with a blood curse to avenge a murdered ancestor.

Rowland Mont-Lestarre is the Rising Star of the Rhuelands. He is brother to the woman Traevis loves, Ghislaine. However, in a effort to drown out childhood trauma and suppress the strength of his magical talent, Rowland became an amber kernel addict.

When a long-dead – and yet still ‘living’ – foe surfaces, thanks to the auspices of a political coup that intends to supplant the Mont-Lestarre dynasty, both Traevis and Rowland must find some way to achieve balance. Only by becoming equals do they have a chance at keeping their world intact, though this becomes nearly impossible when tragedy strikes.