Hello Fans!

Well, I’d like to think I have a few. After all, I’m a new author and not a lot of folks know about my work. Hopefully, that will soon change!

I create Fantasy Worlds are are rich and vivid. I have had DMs want to “steal” the map from my novel, Gray Warrior, or “borrow” my character Oddwyn from Tales of the Ravensdaughter.


I would like to invite anyone who games, writes, sketches, or cosplays to dive into my worlds and replicate my characters. I’d love to have everyone’s feedback, and I plan to post all submissions on this website. I would like to build an interactive community where everyone can be a part of the ‘weird place I call my brain’.

If you would like to ask me any questions, use the Contact Us link in the footer or the Comments and Reviews form from the Main Menu. Above all, just enjoy! I hope to see you all at a faire or con some day!

Blessings, Erin.


If you love to write Fan Fiction, I suggest you read my novel, Gray Warrior. This is the first book in the Saga of Star and Sword, and contains a well-developed world of disparate peoples and places. I explore only a few of these regions in the first book, and I welcome your opinion on what types of folks exist in the others.


If you love to create Fan Art, I suggest you read my new Fantasy Novellas, Tales of the Ravensdaughter. The characters in these books are really neat, and you’ll have LOTS of fun with them.

You might also read Gray Warrior because the characters there are quite striking. My main character has jet hair and jet eyes and wears solid gray.


If you love Cosplay, then my Fantasy Novella series, Tales of the Ravensdaughter, is just perfect! All the characters in this series are tailor-made for Fantasy Fans. You might cosplay my heroine, Alerice, a blonde woman in black scale mail armor. You might cosplay Kreston, a former army captain with a tattered past. And then there’s Oddwyn, the gender-fluid herald of the Evherealme (who’s based on Shakespeare’s Puck.