Let’s Meet Erin Hunt Rado – Fantasy Action Author


The Saga of the Crimson Brigade

Now that Tales of the Ravensdaughter Collection One is finished, and more importantly I’ve had a little time off to let my creative engine idle in neutral for a while, my natural urge to tell stories is once again popping back into my consciousness. Up until now I thought I would next begin work on Tales of the Ravensdaughter Collection Two, becau…
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JOIN ME at the Los Angeles Comic Con!

I will be showing at the Los Angeles Comic Con! The awesome Los Angeles Comic Con has accepted me for the upcoming show in December! Huzzah! I will be there with Gray Warrior – my fantasy novel and Tales of the Ravensdaughter – my new fantasy novella series. Look for me in the Small Press area. I can’t tell you all how massively excited I am!…
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Tales of the Ravensdaughter is FINISHED!

Hooray and Huzzah! Tales of the Ravensdaughter is finally complete and all 6 novellas are NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON! Can you believe it? I originated this series this April at Week 3 of the So. Cal Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire. I spent the first week creating the premise, the next four weeks outlining the series (I was creating plot twists wi…
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Disrupting Fantasy – Part 1

I am titling this post as Disrupting Fantasy – Part 1 because I will no doubt have more to say on the subject. But for this blog, let’s start with stale beginnings. I just got back from a local writer’s club meet & greet. The small event at a local library had about 30 participants. One, actually, was a 15-year-old girl who had amazing talent a…
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Should Writers work with Editors

I hear this question quite a bit.  In this day of self-publishing, anyone can call themselves an author. Now, I do not mean to be disparaging, but more often than not, the writer has not gone through the steps they would normally go through would if their work was purchased by a publisher. One of the key steps is the Editorial Process. So, should w…
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Why Did I Create An LGBTQ Character?

This is a good question, and one I think needs to be addressed. First, please allow me to set the stage. I’m 57. I’m white, female, straight, grew up in 70’s-80’S in a middle-class So. Cal suburb. Of course I knew gay kids in high school. They had to stay in the closet most of the time or they would have been ostracized. One of my close friends …
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