“When we kill you, don’t take it personally.”

Mission Impossible meets a “darker” Three Musketeers.


A family of assassins stalks their prey in the ranks of Spanish society circa the early 1600’s. 1-hour television drama.

Daniella de Cordoba appears to be an innocent young lady of society.She has grace and bearing. She is modest with big eyes and an alluring smile. Yet however outwardly charming Daniella may be, inwardly she is hard as nails given her father’s recent death and her mother’s resulting mental impairment.

Daniella lives in the home of her Uncle Don Ignacio and Aunt Doña Hortensia Sofia. Don Ignacio was the younger brother of Daniella’s father, and he quickly took up the mantel of family patron. He and Doña Hortensia took both Daniella and her mother in, but instead of accepting a role as a helpless maiden, Daniella made up her mind to never be anyone’s plaything.

As an assassin, Daniella works with her illegitimate half-brothers, Juan and Fernando Ramirez. Juan is the elder, stoic leader of the trio who takes his orders directly from Don Ignacio. Fernando is the comic slight-of-hand artist who can talk his way out of any situation.

Together, Daniella, Juan and Fernando have a natural bond. All three are ‘half family’, tolerated by not accepted by the world around them. The three depend on one another, but family secrets undermine their mutual trust and as the three discover clues that threaten to destroy their unity.


Daniella Maria Elena de Cordoba

Daniella is an 18-year-old beauty who is well-educated for her time. She is skilled at subterfuge and is often the trio’s “front man”. When Daniella’s father, Don Enrique de Cordoba, was murdered, Daniella took refuge with Juan and Fernando rather than be sold into marriage. Her Uncle Ignacio and Aunt Hortensia agreed, so long as Daniella relinquished her inheritance.

Juan Antonio Ramirez

Juan is Daniella’s eldest half-brother. He is the illegitimate son of Don Enrique de Cordoba and Camilla Ramirez. At age 6, Juan witnessed his mother’s murder by his father’s enemies. Orphaned and socially outcast, Juan accepted an offer from Uncle Ignacio to train with the master assassin Miguel Montoya. In return, Uncle Ignacio cared for Juan’s younger brother, Fernando.

Fernando Vasquez Ramirez

Fernando is Daniella’s other half-brother and Juan’s younger brother. He did not witness his mother’s murder, but after the event he went to live with his Uncle Ignacio. His aunt, Doña Hortensia, taught him manners and grace. However, he later abandoned the household to seek out Juan and join his trade as a trained killer.

Don Ignacio Ricardo de Cordoba

Don Ignacio de Cordoba is Daniella’s uncle. After his brother’s (Don Enrique’s) murder, Don Ignacio became head of the de Cordoba household. When people request a death, Don Ignacio evaluates the situation and assigns the task to Juan, who then relays the job to Daniella and Fernando.

Doña Hortensia Sofia de Cordoba

Doña Hortensia de Cordoba is Daniella’s aunt and Don Ignacio’s wife. If there was ever a “power behind the throne” of the de Cordoba household, it’s Doña Hortensia. She is sweet as honey and soft as velvet unless you cross her. Then she is wonderfully treacherous.

Miguel Montoya

Miguel Montoya is the master assassin who trained Juan. He has been in Don Ignacio’s employ for many years and is loyal to him. He also trained Fernando and to some extent trained Daniella.

Lilliana Montoya

Lilliana Montoya is Miguel’s wife and “partner in crime”. She was Daniella’s primary tutor, and showed Daniella how to seduce a man, pretend innocence, and use just enough poison without wasting the vial. A master herbalist, she supplies Doña Hortensia with tinctures and county peasants with medicine.

Doña Elena Mariana de Cordoba

Doña Elena de Cordoba is Daniella’s mother. She is still alive, but she is not mentally sound due to the trauma of her husband’s murder. Doña Elena also lost a son, Daniella’s younger brother Diego Alejandro, to a fever just before Don Enrique’s death. Doña Elena lives with Doña Hortensia, who cares for her.