This past weekend (post Thanksgiving) I attended LosCon at the LAX Marriott. This is a really OG event hosted by LASFS (the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society). The event was small, but full of old fashioned Science Fiction and Fantasy.Continue Reading

I grew up in the 80’s, and being a complete Fantasy fan it’s not surprising to learn that one of my favorite movies was The Dark Crystal. Young ones, if you haven’t seen this movie – WATCH IT!Continue Reading

Alerice started awake from her reverie. There was something different about this song, something that separated it from the usual bawdy ballads about farmers’ daughters and traveling clerics. It wasn’t the “Reef” part; songs about Reeves there were a-plenty, with Reeves in every part of every nation: brave Reeves, cruel Reeves, cowardly Reeves, greedy Reeves. No, it was the “Arrosa” part.Continue Reading