Hello Readers!

I am always happy to welcome folks who would like to read my work before it launches. However, I do have a few small favors to ask in return.

  • I need help building an audience. So, in return for a free digital book, I ask that you tell several people about it. I also ask that you find me on social media using the handle @ErinRadoAuthor.
  • I need your opinion. So, in return for a free digital book, I ask that you submit a review (hopefully a good one).
  • I need help on Amazon. So, in return for a free digital book, could you please purchase a Kindle version (for a small fee) within the first month of the launch date? I’d REALLY appreciate it. Don’t worry. the price will only be .99, and if you have Kindle Unlimited the e-book is free!
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Those are my humble requests. If you would still like a free digital book – and you’re willing to help my marketing/sales efforts – please use the form below. You’ll get bragging rights to being one of my ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) fans, and you’ll get to enjoy my new stories before anyone else.

Erin Hunt Rado

*A Super Pinkie Swear has no force or effect of law. However, it’s much stronger than a basic Pinkie Swear, and we all know how important those are!
Seriously, I love that you are interested in my work, and I’d love to have your help building an audience.
Thank you and Blessings, Erin.