Erin Hunt Rado is a Fantasy Action novelist. Her stories are quick-paced and character-driven. She creates rich worlds filled with life. She prefers to shake things up, and she isn’t afraid to walk paths of dark psychology.

Erin doesn’t use tired, old tropes, so you’re not going to find any of the typical (and highly over-used) fantasy characters such as elves, dwarfs, orcs, goblins, etc. In fact her editor, Mr. Pat LoBrutto (Doubleday, Bantam, Ace) told Erin that he would disown her if she ever wrote a dwarf with a Scottish accent.

Rather, Erin focuses on people, which is why her characters really come to life. World-building is important because people are products of their environments, but Erin would rather focus on why someone is heroic – or psychotic – rather than making that someone look for a magical relic. Can rivals become friends? Sure, but there had better be a good reason for it. Otherwise, an author is just moving characters about a diorama with no justification.

Erin is also a Celtic Artist. As most writers know, books don’t pay the bills. Erin has created Mindfulness Art from her Celtic Mandalynths. She has also created a collection of Finger Labyrinths. She shows her work at renaissance faires and Celtic festivals, but she also shows at behavioral wellness conferences for psychotherapy, counseling, and school counseling.

Being a teen in the 80’s Erin loves classic rock. Being Irish and Welsh, Erin loves Celtic music, so it was only natural that Erin founded the streaming app, Celtic Rock Radio. She reached out to indie bands across the globe, and has assembled some of the best. Make sure to download Celtic Rock Radio and push play!

While Erin has crossed the United States several times to attend her shows, she prefers to devote more of her time to writing. Her first novel, Gray Warrior, is one of those books she began tinkering on in high school. Over the decades, it has evolved into what Pat LoBrutto calls, “One of the most character-driven Fantasy novels I have ever read.”

Erin’s newest series, Tales of the Ravensdaughter, is meant to fill the need too many fans find themselves in today – busy schedules that limit reading time. Erin heard the term “snack reading”, and thought, “Yep! I can deliver.” Each of the stories in Tales of the Ravensdaughter is a complete tale, and taken together the six novellas for a powerfully dramatic arc.

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